It is Halloween and you know what that means!

It has been one year since the random phone call guy!

Unfortunately all my entries from that period have been deleted due an accident. So for more details, ask me!

But the random phone call guy was dude that called my apartment around this time last year. He was asking for some girl and I kept saying she wasn\’t here. I then accused him of something. And this turned into a 2 hour phone call which turned into a 2 hour phone call later on and on. I had always been suspicious of his motives, because he couldn\’t demonstrate his intelligence (he asked me if I spoke Asian. So I asked him if he spoke Mexican.) and apparently lied about his name (he said his name was mike when I heard other people in the background clearly call him Fernando). And so on, I met him late at night. I came back alive etc etc.


No Castro for me this year though.

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  1. dg is getting depressing for me. not that i don\’t have anything to photograph, but rather i am under too many emotions that i can\’t display as easily through a photolog.

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