The recipe for the soup I made for Aaron\’s party
two sliced peeled carrots
three celery stalks (that I forgot to skin, no wonder the celery was tough to eat)
three peeled medium-sized potatoes cut into eighths
one can of chicken broth 99% fat-free (how can it be 99% fat-free if 1% is fat?)
sliced and diced uncooked turkey breast, include a wing bone to make the soup asian if desired
two whole peeled onions, diced into small pieces that you can\’t even tell there\’s onion on the soup

put everything except celery into a large pot. add water until it covers most of the ingredients. boil, then add celery! then the soup will last for five days of meals if nobody at the party eats it.

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  1. What about dog soup?
    I have this little Schnauzer I\’ve been looking for a way to get rid of. I\’m thinking of feeding it to my sister as revenge for her wanting it so badly.

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