In celebration of Thanskgiving, my family is actually going to have a dinner…for the first time ever. This years is the first time in many many many years that my mom has Thanksgiving Day off. And it\’s the first time that my sister has decided to come back to the Bay Area from San Diego. And what\’s more my cousin Jeff (who recently moved from Chicago to the Bay Area) is actually attending. A true family affair!

And we\’re going to have our dinner in Legendary Palace, a Chinese restaurant in the heart of urban Oakland. In fact, a few months after this restaurant opened, a guy sitting near the front windows…got shot in the back by the Chinese Mafia!

Something to be truly thankful for.

But I am also very thankful for tomorrow. The day where I can rise at 5 am so that I can wait outside in the cold for 45 minutes outside stores to warm my hands on steaming hot deals. Very thankful. Very thankful for spoofee!!!

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