There are many things that I have achieved in life. Yet, I always feel like I am a fraud. That I am not as adequate as everyone else.

I had my performance evaluation for my work today (my supervisor bought me dinner YEAH!)…and it reminded me of how I first became a RCC. I knew they hired me because I was female. It wasn\’t because I was very technical or a great teamworker. It was more because they wanted to fulfil their quota of genders.

And so starts my search for a job in case I don\’t get into grad school. I want to be an interaction designer…at ebay, google, paypal, yahoo…somewhere. But I am constantly afraid that I will be selling myself too well that they won\’t get everything they thought was behind the plastic hard-to-open packaging.

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  1. i think most people feel like that at some point. it\’s especially common among grad students – we call it \’the imposter complex\’.

  2. You\’re an RCC =D Don\’t worry about overselling yourself for a job interview – when you are the newbie, no one expects anything from you anyways – and everyone else BS\’s about their capabilities so if you don\’t embellish your own experiences, some idiot will end up with your dream job

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