Four years ago, I was laboring over my undergraduate application right here in my house…at the same computer. My parents spent too much money just so that I could up with perfect personal statement. I submitted my application, feeling so full of it. I felt so arrognant, thinking that I could get into any school I applied to. At the time, I thought…how could any school overlook my outstanding gpa and extraordinary set of activities? And certainly, several months later, I received my acceptance letters from UC Davis and UCSD, I was that much assured…until I received the acceptance letter from Berkeley saying that they didn\’t have enough room for me in the Fall and would have to defer me to the Spring. I didn\’t know what that meant. A week later, I received a rejection letter from UCLA. And that was the moment, I realized that I wasn\’t the top student I thought I was.

So four years later, despite my acceptance to Indiana-Purdue, I am still wondering why IUPUI would decide to accept me. It couldn\’t be because of my medicore gpa or GRE scores. It\’s all like I feel that I barely made it. That mostly, I was wearing a mask of the deserving candidate and I am afraid they\’ll find that it\’s only me behind it. Tomorrow, the applications for Georgia Tech, Iowa State and University of Michigan – Ann Arbor are due. Alas, those feelings of inferiority!

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  1. Hey Jenn,
    You\’re applying to U of M for grad school??? I\’m going to U of M next year for undergrad!! We could hang out! Yay! Go Ng cousins!!!

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