The majority of the people I know at Berkeley aren\’t graduating. Most are going on to be super-seniors (aka 5th years). And so I was reluctant to participate in all these senior-only activities next week.

But then I thought screw it. I am not going to be here next year. Like William Hung, I would rather have no regrets. I am not going to leave Berkeley, thinking that I haven\’t taken advantage of all the opportunities I had.

But let\’s recount. Have I really taken advantage of the money I paid for my undergraduate education? I use up the free printing at the OCF all the time. As a RCC, I also use the printing available in the dorms and not to mention I also leech off the network. :) I have been to every single career fair since I was a freshman. I take all the goodies (mostly pens). I have utilized the career center more than once. I have also utilized the free services at the University Health Center. I have used the Class Pass to ride the buses around campus although I could have walked. When I was in a computer science class, I utilized the printers in Soda Hall to print…out \”readers\”. I have leeched off AirBears. I have gone to the RSF and of course the library. I was an officer of a club and also joined several other organizations. But is that all? Am I missing something?

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  1. just think of all the things you can do::: you won\’t be there anymore next year. heh.

  2. I\’m firmly of the opinion that it takes at least seven years to suck all the marrow out of Berkeley. Classes just suck too much time to really take advantage of extracurriculars, and extracurriculars take too much time to really take advantage of classes.

    So spend 3.5 years focusing on classes and 3.5 on extracurriculars. It\’s just better that way. Oh, and no Berkeley education is complete without blowing off the first week of classes to go to Burning Man at least once.

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