Said the fly to the spider. Or was it said the slave to the master?

He said to me toda at 3:50 pm PST, \”My offer is hereby terminated.\”

I sort of laughed outloud. This boy has been talking about emptiness as well as his own loneliness. So he declares something, and thus it must be so?

Oh but wait! Earlier I received an e-mail with the subject Analysis with these interesting lines. It starts out with am not taking all of the \”blame\” for this, but I won\’t lump it on you either. Then later, …the point of this letter is the perspective, that was perhaps unintended. I see it as a problem, specifically your problem.


It\’s kind of amusing that some people take my words too literally. Oh geez Alecky, stop making me laugh. Like William Hung, I have no regrets!

EDIT: memories of last year!

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  1. That phrase of termination reminds me of Donald Trump\’s \”You\’re Fired!\”

    Oy, how did it ever get so INTENSE between you two!

  2. To answer your question Lele, because I am a silly blind boy, and she is a silly sadistic girl. To string it along so far, sigh, is very mean. Always with the implications of a solution, when one doesn\’t exist. Dragging things a little further, knowing in the end things will never work. I could go on, but most probably she will ban me from here as well, disliking the fact that I will occasionally visit and post.

  3. Hopefully one day you\’ll realise that many people tend to take what you tell them as fact if they don\’t know better. It\’s not their flaw, it\’s just their way of viewing the world, which is no better and no worse than your\’s or mine.

    Alec on the other hand needs to ease up a little on his seriousness, so that he isn\’t affected so badly by the notion that not everyone says what they mean.

    Finally, I need to stop poking my nose into other people\’s business/blogs and maybe get some project work done.

  4. the funny thing is that i usually say what i mean. however, alecky has a tendency to overgeneralize. if I say something about someone else, it does not mean that it applies to him.

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