I watched so many movies this weekend (my parents changed the HBO cable subscription to a independent film access). Reign of Fire, Daylight, Kate and Leopold, Maid of Manhatten, The Pianist, Monsters Inc, Awakenings…

But the movie that struck me the most was the one I found on the Berkeley DC hub. Battle Royale II. Like the first one, a class is sent to a situation where death is inevitable. Yet in the end, it\’s always friendship that counts. And as always, there\’s always some cowardly guy that admits his love for a girl…right before he dies.

I had so much trouble trying to find the subtitles for the movie, simply because the video file came without any subtitles or sub files. When I did find a sub file, they were not synced with the video. Nor were they properly formatted. Like Kill Bill Vol. 1, I watched part of the movie without subtitles, misinterpreting the actions. It makes me wish I had learned Japanese. But BRII was so good. Although of course not as great as the first one. No great lines beyond, \”We not afraid of death. We are afraid of being forgotten.\”

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