It\’s 89 degrees here. A heat wave that definitely is moving north.

One thing I had always disliked about socal people is their dislike of the weather in Berkeley. Every so often, I would hear a friend or someone on the street say, \”UGH I HATE THIS WEATHER! IT\’S SO UNPREDICTABLE!\”

It\’s obvious they come from the south. Southern California. Land of superficiality. Cities of unchanging seasons.

What\’s more is that they don\’t appreciate California for what it really is. In what state, can you go skiing and swim in the beach in the same day?

In August, I will be heading to Pittsburgh, PA. The East Coast. New England. A place of \”real seasons\”. I will be able to appreciate spring for what it really is and marvel at the snow falling down from the sky. It\’s not just the \”suffering\”. It\’s the magic of seasons.

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