Here in Berkeley, we admire you for spending the least amount of money as possible on something great. A few days ago, a friend of mine was commended for spending only $20 on an awesome outfit. Today, I went downtown to Ben and Jerrys, waited in line for 20 minutes and received strawberry kiwi sherbert on a cone (perfect for a hot day). And who could forget my immense achievement of spending around $340 for my canon s30 (back when it was originally $400+, mind you) and spending $1316 including tax on my powerbook?

Rules of life (or how to live by jennism):
1. Spend the least amount of money as possible.
2. Leech off your friends. Leech off their pity. Get free food.
3. If there\’s a free cookie day, free cone day, free meal on your birthday…always go get it. Don\’t be ashamed. They won\’t remember you. They won\’t even remember you when your birthday comes around.
4. Brag about how much money you saved. Walk around with the dollar amount on your forehead.

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