\”If there were more pirated software for the Mac, I would go get it immediately,\” someone commented today in my project group.

That fact kept me from buying the powerbook for a long time. I was afraid I couldn\’t get Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop. Once I was assured by a few friends that they could provide me with the goods, I went ahead and bought it. But the truth is…it\’s still very hard to find pirated software for the mac. Despite having ilife and other free software, I still don\’t have everything I need.

My Windows machine, on the other hand, has never seen the light of paid software (besides the software that came with my cameras). It has pirated versions (hi copyright people!) of Microsoft XP, Office, Photoshop, Macromedia Essentials, Trillian, Ahead Nero…

So there. I am a helpless pennyless college student!

A few weeks ago, my dad remarked how guilty he felt whenever he loaded Microsoft Office at the home computer. I had installed Office XP several months ago and put my name as the registrar. Every time he saw my name as the \”owner\”, he was instantly reminded of the unpaid illegal software. And yet, he doesn\’t discourage me. In fact, he was against me buying a powerbook. \”How will you get what you need?\” he asked.

There are always ways.

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  1. apparently I lost an A somewhere

    (and interesting how I could COMMENT the first time without inputing an email… but NOT THE SECOND TIME)

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