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So far senior week has been somewhat disappointing. The ticketbook was $40 but through Karen\’s help, I only paid $29. :D Yet the events themselves lacked a certain organization, a special eliteness. Like the movies, the organizers paid attention to the appearance but not the duration of the event.

During the senior pilgramage which was supposed to be a tour of the campus, the organizers couldn\’t speak loud enough. They started late and gave a lackluster lunch. Yet one major point of interest was when we visited the Wheeler oak. More than half a century ago, there was an oak tree in front of Wheeler hall. This was where students gathered to socialize. After its removal due to age, they put a plaque there. Until yesterday, I never realized the plaque on the ground had existed. I have walked past Wheeler Hall thousands of times in the past four years at Berkeley and never saw anything on the ground. this makes me think…what else have I missed about the campus?

The boat dance yesterday was…lackluster. Too many people crammed on one boat. The food was disappointing and unfilling. When I finally got a chance to go for seconds, they had ran out of utensils. So I was eating with my fingers until someone gave me a fork :D The boat went around the bay, passing all around the SF landmarks–Alcatraz, Angel Island, Sausalito, Tiburon, Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, SBC park (when did it change from pac bell park???), and of course fisherman wharf. Yet, my belief was held true. Any event you attend is made better if you\’re with the right people.

I would like to mention that E is taking a road trip to CAL today, but no visit me?! :(

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  1. Sorry about Senior Week…putting on 8 events in one week is simply a task that\’s impossible.

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