I went to a staff devo today (pictures later). And…

  • I played chauffeur for four…five people!
  • At foothill, Sean discovered that our keys for work would open the gate to the driving circle–a mighty tool indeed!
  • Was paranoid the entire time about parking at a metered one-hour zone
  • Ordered a California crepe
  • The 15 of us overtook a Crepe Vine in Rockridge
  • More than 8 of us had a camera and took pictures of each other eating and…spitting
  • Becky took a video of me rubbing my face and saying \”I am special\”
  • Not to mention, becky also likes to ask if anybody at the table was hitting on me
  • Spent more than $10
  • Drove to Fentons, couldn\’t overtake restaurant because there was already a huge party of little kids hungering for ice cream
  • I got rainbow sherbert and got teased by a coworker – \”how cute. jenn got rainbow sherbert! just like a little kid!\” I gave a sarcastic response.
  • Vikas called my cell just to say \”I am coming.\” A blunt conversation at that.
  • Took pictures of a little hapa kid eating an ice cream cone who got it over all his face–how cute!

    Probably the last time I\’ll see the majority of this people together. When I move on to a new place, there will always be some people I will miss. Some more than others.

    Then later, I rushed to Oakland (ditching Sean at foothill) to meet with my parents. I miraculously parallel-parked cleanly (after my third try) and walked to my grandmother\’s building. There I met up with my parents and grandmother to go to some shady restaurant on the edge of Alameda and Oakland called Pier 21. We got the early bird special. I had eaten only two hours prior and didn\’t feel hungry…but ordered some dish. I was disappointed by everything they offered. Typical American fare with seemingly small portions and disgusting vegetables. My parents were pleased though. I don\’t think they liked me entering the restaurant in my red shorts and striped camisole though.

    And now for a fun fun fun link about how much horror women cause men. That may be one day.

    Edit: pictures here and here

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