Today I leave for Montreal.

One month until I turn 24! OMG!

It\’s interesting how my lists have changed over the years:
� 2005 � 2004 � 2003 � 2002 �

And now I present my (pretentious) wishlist of this year:

1. presence (presence > presents!)
2. a job that provides the experience I seek
3. a trip to NYC, Boston, and Seattle this summer
4. a trip to New Zealand, Asia, or Europe
5. a chance to see great live music
6. to finish my list of things to do before leaving Pittsburgh
7. an opportunity to publish my writing
8. more webspace for my websites
9. Airport Express
10. Macbook
11. The Joy of Cooking (yes, THAT cookbook)
12. Alan Cooper\’s The Inmates Are Running the Asylum : Why High Tech Products Drive Us Crazy and How to Restore the Sanity
13. SigCHI membership
14. more moleskine notebooks

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  1. oh, i love the progression.

    you\’ve inspired me to create a list things to do before leaving berkeley (i have a brief one jotted in my planner since last semester). one must start early, no? :) honestly though, my list will mostly consist of food.

  2. In reference to the comment before me… An informal list like this has been discussed with my roommates, but we should write it down too.

  3. Most of the things on your list are not things I can obtain for you! Nevertheless, if you wanna come to Boston again this summer, I\’m always there ;) (except early july for a week, the second half of july, and 9th to 15ish June)

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