Moving out

When is it the right time to move out? When do parents expect their kids to move out?

In the last 6 years, I lived away from home. For school. In and out of apartments. Cheap places. Living the college life. I started my first real job a few months ago and I finally found a place in San Francisco. I had been looking to move out ever since I got back.

Here’s my chance right? But when is it right to stay and when is it right to go? It’s not that my parents need my help. They were the ideal immigrants–saved enough money to buy a house in an affluent suburb, send their kids to a good school and college, and live minimally at least to a certain extent…to at least enjoy life.

And so I am about to sign a lease tomorrow. I want to be able to be close to work, walk outside and be right there at a cafe. Be in the city. I can’t do that while I am out here stuck in the suburbs. But right now I am getting the “when I was your age” speech.

So I would really like to think that unlike most people my age, my spending habits are good. So there’s the eating out on weekends. But I save a lot on other things. Never carry a balance on my credit cards. No loans. I will splurge every once awhile on my favorite electronic gadget or concert, but it’s all with due diligence. So I will survive the upcoming year living on my own. Because I have. Somewhat before.

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