Don’t lie to me, she threatened

I saw the light flashing on my phone, hoping it was my doctor or some other medical professional calling back after I had left a message this morning about feeling a little ill. It said private no. calling. In fact, I had gotten a number like that this morning, but nobody was there. I thought someone had a bad connection.

I answered with my name as I picked up the phone as I usually do when I want to be professional.

“Jenn?” a female voice said.

“Yes, this is Jenn.”

“Is this Jenn of Atech? This is Rod’s wife.” she said.

Puzzled, I hurried into a nearby empty meeting room and asked her to repeat what she said. Eventually, I said, “I don’t think you have the right person…how did you get this number?”

“Don’t lie to me, I saw your email on my husband’s computer. This is Rob’s wife and I want to know what your relationship is with him.”

If I hadn’t been under pressure to finish some work and feeling horribly ill, it would have been somewhat amusing to me. But for some reason or not, I felt anxious like I had been accused of something…wait did I really have a relationship with Rod? Was I drugged at one point in the last week that I emailed a Rod? But wait, I don’t even know a Rod!

Somehow I decided that I had to prove to her that I wasn’t the Jenn she was looking for since she had my number and could terrorize me for awhile. I told her that I lived in San Francisco and that I didn’t know any Rod. And that I was sorry but I wasn’t the Jenn she was looking for. And I didn’t own a company called Atech. In fact, I was too young to even get to that level and…

She eventually apologized and I wished her good luck in resolving her issues.

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