It is back. My self-promoting birthday list. For whatever reason, I decided to be less self-promoting last year and forgot about even publicly posting a list. HOWEVER. I’ll violate a rule of trying to appear mature…since I think my readership has declined since 2006.

I am turning TWENTY SIX in just over 3 weeks. Oh wait, you don’t know the specific date? Too bad! :)

In some way though, this list becomes more of my to-do shopping list for the upcoming year.

2006, 2005 2004, 2003, 2002

In the usual order:
1. presence (not present)
2. foodies (consisting of cookies, candies, Zanze’s cheesecake or satisfying not necessarily fancy dinners)
3. a safe parking spot in San Francisco
4. haircut
6. Digital video camcorder and a computer powerful enough and big enough to process such data
7. Slow cooker
8. Another chauffeur who will be willing me to whisk me to the nearest froyo place at a moment’s notice
9. Froyo? Yearlong supply?
10. More mochi to go along with froyo
11. Strawberries. Unstemmed.
12. Mango. Cut so that I don’t need to waste my time peeling.
13. Kiwi. Cut as well.
13. Nectarines. Whole.
14. Trip to a so-called relaxed destination
Hmm…seems like I have gotten a little practical…

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