Being sued for libel

“I will sue you for damages no less than $25,000,” the message read.

Automatically, I calculated my savings, thinking of course I could cover it.

Then panic set in. Me sued? Me, the one who can barely lie? Me the one who abides for rules even accidentally saying, “Yeah people under 21 shouldn’t drink! [because the law said so]” And even the one struggling with moral principles when everyone is taking an extra sample.

Because of a review I wrote on an unnamed site, I was threatened by a lawsuit of libel and defamation by a former business I frequented due to my naivete. I spammed the yelp talk and twitter. I notified my parents in fear that they will feel the force of retaliation (the business only knows my parents’ address).

But they say truth is all that matters. I can be sued, but I will always win. Because I cannot tell a lie. I can give an opinion and fortunately I live in the United States.

5 thoughts on “Being sued for libel

  1. That is so lame. Did that business threaten to sue every person who wrote a bad review about them? This idea that people have a right to go after anyone who disagrees with them in America is so ridiculous.

    If you’re review was greater than one star, lower it!

  2. I’m shocked this is happening. I’m guessing it’s just an empty threat. I do not believe they can sue unless what you said was provably false.

  3. So I went and pooled some other sources and they told me that you shouldn’t worry until he actually sends you papers saying that he’s suing you. I think it’s just a scare tactic. Pretty shitty if you tell me.

  4. Yup, exactly what other people said. Talked to a friend who is at yelp—it happens actually quite often. So after consulting other yelpers, legal people..I should be ok. I am never the kind of person who is malicious anyway!

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