Today, I whimpered, “I am getting too old!”

It was a silent terrified tremor of…being close to 30. The forsaken three decades of old lore. But in less than 3 weeks, I will be turning the vicious age of twenty-seven (on an unspecified date to be determined). The cube of 3. And like when I was 16, I can answer to a/s/l as 3^3/no i have a headache/in the middle of nowhere

Although that means some people will think I am 33.

But on to the annual bday wish list. A yearly event on the blog since 2002!

Previous years: 2008, did I really forget in 2007???, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002

In decreasing order of IMPORTANCE and significance
1. presence (aka presence > present)
2. jobbys for my unemployed friends
3. sweet strawberries
4. peaches and nectarines (whole please)
5. candies like starbursts, sour belts, warheads, jolly ranchers
6. DSLR, perhaps one of those Canon Rebels (hey that was on my list last year!)
7. a photography class to go along with the DSLR
8. perhaps a hybrid road bike…perhaps if I can get biking
9. double-paned windows in my apartment
10. windows with screens in my apartment
11. an useful, valuable cooking class
12. yummy desserts
13. another trip to somewhere totally foreign! (and cheap)

4 thoughts on “BDAY WISH LIST 2009

  1. i want to use a yelp compliment to tell you that you’re being funny. i’m 27 now!!! :P stop calling me old, damn it.:)

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