Mission #3 Chicken dance

Last Saturday, I woke up knowing that I had to do it. There is a little bit of OCD inside me (despite all the partially completed projects in my life) that said I have to finish this. I must do my best. I must do it even though I will fail.

The mission was this:
Do a funky chicken dance with your team at the Roli Roti truck at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market. Capture it on video.

With most of my team simply absent, I was suddenly anxious. I had sent out multiple emails to my team few days before requesting their presence. Unfortunately I interpreted the lack of response as a lack of interest. Ok, I guess most people really do have better things to do with the team. Seriously…then to race across the city to do a chicken dance

And most importantly, what is a chicken dance? I went through YouTube in my most studious nature…examing how it was done from watching a former mouseketeer to watching random videos of chicken dances

Truth to be told: I had never done a chicken dance. Apparently the weddings I have been to…either the bride and groom did not enforce dancing for the guests….or that the bride and groom did not subject the guests to such inane activity.

I finally convinced ta-ching to meet me at the Ferry Building after some rampant posting on twitter and facebook. Seems like social media doesn’t help me much for these kind of requests. Ta-ching refused to participate, but he willingly recorded me doing the dance.

As I did it…I was overcome with anxiety and went on autopilot. Apparently with a big smile on my face because I thought I was being silly. Is everyone staring??? I ran off the stage as soon as possible.

When reviewing and editing the video, it turned out that…nobody even noticed. Nobody stared. Nobody looked. After all, some people would be used to people not…doing normal things in this grand city called San Francisco.

The final chicken dance! Vote for us!

2 thoughts on “Mission #3 Chicken dance

  1. yeah, sometimes we’re way more self-conscious than we should be. i love the pix you guys are taking for these challenges. :)

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