Year 2010

What was 2010 when it was supposed to be the beginning of a new era? In doing reverb10 (which I have found—are the questions not great or is it because there isn’t that much to say about 2010 for me?)

This was the first year where I was not met with change. There was no job change. Same bf. There was a new roommate. But otherwise it was all the same. I did play more games and dug deeper in my creativity. I did travel to Vietnam and Hong Kong primarily on my own. I met some new people. I mentored interns for the first time. But many of the things I did in 2010, I had done in the prior years in some form. I wonder why it terrifies me because it’s the first year that I wasn’t forced into change. A lot of it was by choice.

Yesterday at a party, I had a tarot reader read my hand. Interestingly, my takeaway was that she said…that I was the one who will bring change through creativity and by my decisiveness. I get to be in charge of my own fate now?

At least for the tax year of 2010, I don’t have to scrounge around for more than one W-2.

And so unlike the past years of 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008, 2009, 2010 was solid and stationary. Predictable? Not quite, but it had its adventures, surprises, but it was a steady time.

2011? If the cards are played right, it may be the year. THE year when things will change. For better or worse.


Let’s begin with something that I have never done before.


Remix the old into something new.


He helps me with the scavenger hunts, winning with no compromise. Even in food.


Mystery is alluring. For now.


We are all play. Every day.


Here we are: the symbolic simple tender flower.


We powered through the challenges. The frustrations.


Creativity was finally funneled out in the right way. In beyond ridiculous competition.


I love to plan.


Finally, this time, I conquered.


Freezing weather never stopped us.


Four years and counting.

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