2013: This Year’s 5 Minutes

Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2013 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2013

2012 5 minutes, 2011 5 minutes, and 2010 5 minutes

  • Watching myself talk about my Kickstarter project on a 60″ TV at the launch party
  • Successfully raising over $7000 for the kickstarter
  • Celebrating with a fancy pants sausage at Rosamunde
  • Visiting New York City for more than a week
  • Visiting Philadelphia with my sister and then on my own
  • Driving to Delaware just for an ice cream shop and dairy farm
  • Luggage left in Brussels while in Bologna
  • Meeting friends of friends in Bologna and really appreciating the size of the city
  • Having gelato in Bologna and realizing how untasty it was
  • Making my 31st flavor for my 31 flavors project: horchata
  • Trying to eat a pizza like an Italian in Bologna and after the third slice, hating it
  • Attempting to learn Italian through a tutor on Skype
  • Celebrating my 31st birthday in Florence with Chris
  • Having the most amazing melon and proscuitto plate during my birthday dinner
  • Angrily stomping from the Florence train station to the hotel out of frustration, exhaustion, etc.
  • Wandering through Rome with Chris and being as Italian as possible
  • Having a true Roman Holiday (along with being lectured to by the cops) in Rome
  • Sweating it out in Istanbul
  • Witnessing the riots and protests in Istanbul
  • Experiencing the tear gas in Istanbul
  • Having the most fabulous food tour in Beyoglu in Istanbul
  • Meeting some amazing Turkish friends in Istanbul, but alas going to a very touristy restaurant in Sultanahmet
  • Seeing my grandfather reunite with my grandfather’s oldest son from his second marriage after decades of not speaking
  • Going to Maui and realizing that my top 10 list doesn’t have to be like everyone else’s
  • Learning how to scuba dive off of Maui
  • Surviving in Rome on my own…then having the awkward time in Sicily on my own
  • Staying in a small city in Sicily where most people didn’t speak English
  • Staying in a farm stay without a car near Giarre, Sicily
  • Rekindling my cooking spirit again in making yet another zombie book club
  • Attending not one but two writing workshops
  • Writing some of my best material in those classes and realizing that CCSF is really up to snuff
  • Taking a writing ourselves whole writing workshop
  • Attending a workshop in Solano County
  • Quitting a job, starting another
  • Shipping and delivering the ice cream travel guide t-shirts
  • Writing and writing my ice cream travel guide
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