2013: Travel

How did you travel in 2013? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?

In 2012, I started the journey of a life and went to what I thought was unfathomable (in my life) — six domestic destinations and eight international destinations — for professional and personal reasons. In 2011, I went on one international trip, one domestic…and one super local. In 2010, I went on one international trip and multiple domestic trips.

In 2013, I traveled to:

  • Ice cream research trip #5 to Los Angeles (tagged along someone’s expense account)
  • A Tahoe trip was somewhere there too
  • Ice cream research trip #6 to New York, Philadelphia and Delaware
  • Which then followed directly into Ice cream research trip #7 Italy destinations of Bologna, Florence, Rome, Sicily (3-4 cities) and Turkey destination of Istanbul
  • Short weekend trip to Guernville,CA for a wedding
  • A writing “retreat” and anniversary in Maui
  • Much less than before. Although this whole journey has made me a little less enamored with travel. But what next? I anticipate some extra trips to finish out the ice cream research (possibly). France? Japan? Portland? Another trip to Seattle? Some dairy destination? Then for some personal pleasures — will it be Hong Kong? Spain? The five boroughs ride in New York? Or perhaps I will be satisfied just being a homebody?

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