2014: Next Step

When it comes to aspirations, it’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. What’s your next step?

In 2010, it was about dream making. In 2011, it was about sticking to my boundaries. In 2012, it was about being true. In 2013, it was about embracing fear.

On New Year’s Day, I wrote goals up with Chris, following Pair Designing Our Relationship article on Medium. In it, I found the most common areas were writing and organization.

2015 Personal Goal Setting. One of @seeetthere: "Be like Benny from Lego movie."

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In a writing class a few years ago, an instructor handed out a piece of paper. On it on large words, it said, “Sit your butt down and write.” Because her belief was that people needed to just write. So many people ask popular writers what makes them great—”how did you get so good?”

“I just sat down and wrote,” they reply.

It’s just that. There’s that study that exists that to be good at something, one must practice it at least 10,000 hours. It’s not about innate talent. Rather it’s about experience, increasing it every day…as much as possible. I have written in my blog for more than 10 years. And yet, to be able to write for an audience, that’s an entirely different matter.

When I chose my top 3 goals in the pair design exercise, they were all about writing. Sure, I could increase the skills and knowledge in UX, but I have reached where I want to be (for now). But in writing, I am still only beginning. My next step then is: sit my butt down and write.

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