2015: Moments

Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2015 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2015

2014 5 minutes, 2013 5 minutes, 2012 5 minutes, 2011 5 minutes, and 2010 5 minutes

  • Driving rules in Brazil
  • Visiting Ihla Bela (beautiful island) and coming out as expected with black fly bites
  • Presenting at a UX Strategies workshop
  • Presenting a short ignite talk about ice cream and my book
  • Going to Epic and being able to make the relationships that I wouldn’t have been able to do earlier
  • Really finishing my book about ice cream around the world!
  • Visiting Walt Disney World as part of a conference
  • Establishing a user research practice at a startup that didn’t have any
  • Talking to a lot of people with diabetes type 2—for some who never had been listened to ever
  • Submitting a talk to Interaction 16 and getting accepted!
  • Attending the (disappointing) Interaction 15
  • Leading a diversity workshop earlier this year
  • Leading and partnering on research with rheumatoid arthritis patients in January/February
  • Visiting Chicago, Atlanta…and Bay Area in the span of three weeks
  • Learning about behavioral design
  • Seeing my cousin get married
  • Hearing my sister get engaged
  • Having apple cider in Michigan
  • Having acai and fresh juices in Rio
  • Visiting the favelas in Rio
  • Eating lots of good food in Rio
  • Getting the hat “stolen” in Rio
  • Still having the ability to make great ice cream from scratch
  • Finding ways to make quick, fresh meals from things that i just have in the fridge, especially tomato basil pasta
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