2016: Moments

Imagine you will completely lose your memory of 2016 in five minutes. Set an alarm for five minutes and capture the things you most want to remember about 2016

2015 5 minutes, 2014 5 minutes, 2013 5 minutes, 2012 5 minutes, 2011 5 minutes, and 2010 5 minutes

  • Watching Black Mirror
  • Visiting Sweden and Finland
  • Appreciating winter (cold) destinations
  • Not quite seeing the Northern Lights in our special cabins
  • Realizing that a vacation can be enjoyed without eating out at all
  • Visiting four museums, eating hot dogs, and more in one day in Stockholm
  • Giving a talk to approximately 1000 people in Interaction 16
  • Launching Ice Cream Travel Guide into the world through book festivals, advertising, launch party and more
  • Giving the Pecha Kucha about Ice Cream Travel Guide for EPIC 2016
  • Being the enthusiastic emcee for an ice cream eating contest for National Ice Cream Travel Guide
  • Watching my sister get married and being part of her chillz bridal party
  • Eating a n/naka (and meeting Chef Niki) with my sister and Chris
  • Hosting multiple movie nights
  • Hosting friendsgiving for a total of 15 people
  • Getting a job at Mayo Clinic
  • Some freelance jobs at a consumer electronics company
  • Being part of XX/UX senior-level peeps group
  • Shipping and autographing copies of Ice Cream Travel Guide
  • Telling my story in Bangkok in a succinct and engaging way
  • Traveling to Minny Apple and Minny Soda again
  • Making more ice cream and more ice cream
  • …and not quite wanting to remember the election…

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