2018: Travel

How did you travel in 2018? How and/or where would you like to travel next year?

In 2017, I traveled to Minnesota for work, LA twice for “fun”, Las Vegas for a not-so-good fun, and Thailand/Myanmar! Also somehow forgot to mention Cincinnati for MidwestUX! And did I forgot to mention Phoenix? In 2016, I traveled to Finland/Sweden for my first big speaking gig, Portland for a “bachelorette” party, road trip to LA for my sister’s wedding, and Minnesota for work. In 2015, I went to Brazil for a conference, multiple work trips, and a midwest trip. In 2014, I went on multiple weekend trips, increased business trips, and found a destination for ice cream and writing. In 2013, I finished off the bulk of the travel for the Ice Cream Travel Guide. In 2012, I started the journey of a life and went to what I thought was unfathomable (in my life) — six domestic destinations and eight international destinations — for professional and personal reasons. In 2011, I went on one international trip, one domestic…and one super local. In 2010, I went on one international trip and multiple domestic trips.

In 2018, I traveled to:

  • Tahoe trip to Squaw Valley. We made it work! And stayed in this “romantic” bed and breakfast. Although technically, it didn’t even come with breakfast.
  • Some ridiculous last minute trip to San Diego for work, which was more of a meet and greet than anything useful. I expensed an expensive dessert meal after the meeting.
  • Big Sur! Which wasn’t really a trip as much as a 3+ hour drive for Writers Camp at Esalen. The roads were repaired! Yes, amazing, but wouldn’t do it again.
  • Twice to Ukiah, one for a writers retreat and another with Chris to the hot springs.
  • Scotts Valley for a “writing retreat”.
  • Then this crazy 10 day trip to Chicago and NYC. Which I have to admit was fun, fancy, and cool. Not only because the weather was acceptable by our standards, but because I didn’t need to do any of the Bell and Whistles. Also I wasn’t overburdened by seeing people as I have in the previous times. (But I was irritated by the overly grammable foods all over the city. We did the best shows. Oh yeah and in Chicago, I spoke at a conference!

Apparently only domestically! Sadness. I never made it to Minsk for work (yay!), but that also meant that I never made it to Budapest or Paris to visit Callie. No film festival. It’s a hope, but not sure if it is something worth a trip.

But this coming year? Well there’s a quick trip to Phoenix to see my sister before she pops a baby. Then I wouldn’t be surprised if there were additional trips that I would make to see the new nephew. If I get into a conference, then I’ll also be in Phoenix too. Then I have booked a trip to Japan in February for the snow festival in Sapporo and of course some time in Tokyo! Also hoping to get into a writing workshop in the east coast, which would mean a trip to New York. Who knows what else may come? Would I be going to Grand Rapids if I get convinced again for MWUX? I am not entirely that interested, but we shall see! See Callie in Paris? Go to Vancouver for eats? Maybe go to Nashville for the conference? Maybe maybe.

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