My name is Jenn. With two N's. I need two N's to feel balanced. One N makes me feel a little woozy. Usually, I like people in professional environments call me Jennifer.

I am currently an user experience designer at a design agency in San Francisco, living the city life.

I waver between ISFJ and INFJ. I have this ability to sense emotion in others too well. In some ways, that could be my weakness. As one person used to say, "love is what breaks us all."

100 Random Facts
1. music is GOD!
2. My first house had one story.
3. My second house had two stories.
4. My third house had three stories.
5. My Berkeley apartment just sucked.
6. I like rice with syrup in the morning.
7. My favorite painting is Van Gogh's The Starry Night.
8. I went an ice cream tour I created. 6 ice cream stores in one single day.
9. I did it again the following year.
10. I have travelled to a quarter of the states in the US.
11. Been to Australia.
12. Hong Kong twice.
13. Europe.
14. UCLA rejected me.
15. But I got into UC Berkeley as an undergrad.
16. My middle name is Davina.
17. I have played the piano since I was five years old.
18. I picked up a pencil and started writing (and never stopped) when I was seven.
19. During my middle school years, for fun I would create newsletters about my household - Example Headline: Mommy turned over in her bed a record of three times during her afternoon nap
20. I got my first pair of glasses in the second grade. I bet I am more nearsighted than most of people you know.
21. Lemonade and lemon iced tea are my favorite drinks. Or anything with a citrus twist for that matter.
22. I am 5'4" and have been since sophomore year in high school.
23. My favorite season is the fall. Or autumn. It depends on how sophisticated I want to be today.
24. I am anti-asian. That is, I prefer not eating Asian food or speaking *cough* Asian.
25. Math makes me happy.
26. Writing makes me happier.
27. I have gone to Punxtawney, PA to see Groundhog Phil.
28. I used to be a trance/techno fanatic.
29. Now I pretentiously listen to groups most people haven't heard of.
30. I have a hard time pronouncing the word water.
31. The majority of my extended family lives in the Midwest.
32. When given the option, I will choose public transit over a taxi.
33. I love ice cream or simply any dessert.
34. I got my first computer, a Macintosh Performa, in the sixth grade.
35. I went online for the first time that year using America Online.
36. I was addicted to chat rooms throughout middle school.
37. I was a mute until I was two years old.
38. Therapists taught me sign language so that I could communicate with my parents.
39. I have a big mouth nowadays. And once you get me talking, I just...don't stop.
40. I don't drink.
41. I used to provide tech support in the dorms.
42. Now I don't trust anyone to fix my computer except me.
43. My favorite number is three.
44. I am the oldest child of two.
45. My last name in Chinese means the number five. Yes, the number five.
46. I was a girl scout until the beginning of high school.
47. I took ballet for about five years.
48. I am very uncoordinated.
49. That's why I quit ballet.
50. I have lived in California all my life except when I moved to Pittsburgh.
51. I hope to move somewhere else soon.
52. I broke my right hand while skiing when I was 23.
53. I love to laugh (at you).
54. I love to laugh...with you.
55. No, my hair is not chemically highlighted. It's natural that way.
56. I refuse to eat flowers. That includes asparagus, broccoli, artichoke, cauliflower and tulips. I don't like food with texture.
57. It took me five years to learn how to ride a bike.
58. It took me ten years to learn how to ski.
59. It took me 24 years to find someone who showed me a greater life...for the better.
60. I believe that alarm clocks are the bane of this world.
61. So are guys with big egos.
62. At the age of five, I wanted to be a singer.
63. At the age of nine, I wanted to be an author.
64. At the age of thirteen, I wanted to be a genetist.
65. At the age of fifteen, I wanted to be a pathologist.
66. At the age of seventeen, I wanted to be a computer scientist.
67. Now I just want to be a bum sucking money out of my parents' pockets.
68. 'N Sync came to my high school when I was junior.
69. I stood in the back with my arms crossed, thinking they were a wanna-be BSB.
70. Lance pointed at me. No, he wasn't pointing at you! Me me me!!!!
71. I have never attended a boy band concert.
72. I always wear a necklace.
73. I used to wear a white puka shell necklace everyday.
74. I got a roundtrip ticket from Oakland to Los Angeles for thirty-four dollars in December 2000.
75. That was with tax.
76. I cannot tell a lie.
77. I cannot live without my computer (or internet). One of the first things I said when introducing myself at cmu was "If the Internet did not exist, I would not exist".
78. I was a late bloomer.
79. They thought I was mentally challenged when I was young.
80. Turns out, I had the IQ of someone two years older than me.
81. I like lemonade popsicles.
82. I wore headgear when I was in the sixth grade.
83. A bunch of retainers throughout the rest of middle school.
84. Then I had braces my junior year.
85. I didn't like Amelie.
86. I take late showers.
87. I eat dinners early.
88. Sometimes I can't open computer cases.
89. I love breakfast buffets.
90. I also love soup.
91. I rarely ever tell people now that I have a blog. (Aren't you lucky?)
92. I need at least 7 hours of sleep.
93. But when I am sleeping in an unfamiliar place, then I go to sleep LATE and wake up VERY EARLY.
94. I like to
95. My favorite thing in the world is DRAMAH. Nowadays, it's in the form of watching trashy reality shows.
96. I have met many complete strangers off the net - Eddie, Alex (I), Alan (I), Marisol, Aaron, Dinh, Alan (II), Daynah, Cat, Phu, Justine, Brad, Chris, Gokce, Paul, Perci, Tinna, Jeff
97. That doesn't count everybody that I met through people I already knew in person - Leo, Liem, Kent, Tommy, Linda, Tony, Mike, Jon, Alex (II), Thomas, Stacee, Shroom, Seth, Porter, Jenn, Monkee Boy, Naim, Alec, Cheez, Tanner
98. The line is fuzzy between online and offline now...
99. I am very sensitive to bug bites (and scratches).
100. You think you know me, but you have no idea.
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