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Cialis Kanada

Cialis kanada I have always disliked the idea of gifts. Cialis kanada I understand the intention, cialis kanada but people don’t understand me and get me things that I feel thankful for…but also abhor. Cialis kanada I am not girly—so bath salts don’t do it for me. Cialis kanada I am too local-centric that gift certificates would not do (and sometimes insult me). Cialis kanada But whatever the case, cialis kanada I still really appreciate the thought.

Cialis kanada But at the very most, cialis kanada presence > present.

Cialis kanada I love it when someone shows up, cialis kanada talks to me, cialis kanada but especially talks to everyone else. Cialis kanada The curiosity, cialis kanada the communication matters to me much more. Cialis kanada or if they can’t make it, cialis kanada taking a rain check. Cialis kanada That’s my kind of present.

Cialis kanada Of course in this world where registries are so predominant, cialis kanada last year, cialis kanada I started becoming frustrated with the idea that registries are for life events that we are so expected to have.

Cialis kanada So what about the single person registry as suggested on Sex and the City. Cialis kanada Why do I dish out money for an engagement party, cialis kanada a bridal shower, cialis kanada a wedding, cialis kanada a baby shower, cialis kanada a kid’s birthday…etc etc. Cialis kanada When those things may be far in the future for me or never happen.

Cialis kanada I have birthdays of couse, cialis kanada but I always emphasize the presence and really want to say no presents. Cialis kanada Although a thoughtfully written card is very welcome.

Cialis kanada Then I did my kickstarter. Cialis kanada I was surprised by all the amounts and all the friends that contributed. Cialis kanada Could I really say—I can determine the strength of friendships based on the speed of contribution (depending on the friend’s financial flexibility, cialis kanada of course). Cialis kanada

Cialis kanada I wondered…is that my version of a gift registry? I don’t like the idea to be surrounded by things from Crate & Barrel or Macys. Cialis kanada My taste is so eclectic and almost craigslist-driven (the journey of getting a piece matters more than the piece itself) that I couldn’t do it. Cialis kanada I didn’t want to judge, cialis kanada but then the thought crossed my mind.

Cialis kanada Do you want to celebrate with me…this ice cream travel guide…the same way you would celebrate a wedding, cialis kanada a birth, cialis kanada a house with me?