I have always wondered. Is an insult or a sense of closure to pay off your \”ex-boyfriend\” for all the money he wasted during the relationship? Sort of like a pre-nup, but not. Something like \”here is a $300 check for the money you accidentally wasted on something that didn\’t work out.\”

EDIT: I mean, what if this is more of a test. If he respects me, he would never cash the check. If he disrespects me, he would cash the check. :D I tried this once before. I gave a former bf a $20 check for something I owed him and he never cashed it.

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  1. i feel like it\’d be a waste. it\’d be better closure to burn everything he ever gave you. or pawn it. and then buy yourself something awesome. then again, i wish some of my exes would repay me, so who knows.

  2. I am the evil kind of person who likes to stab someone and twist the knife back and forth for a bit. Oh sadistic me!

  3. nah, break-ups are all about cutting your losses. nobody escapes unscathed, also not financially. too bad, JACK.

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