So I did a search for Berkeley on and I come across this page.

This struck me the most:
A (man/woman) that I have a crush on is – no one . . .if you don\’t understand, you need to go to berkeley.

Sigh. :p There\’s this rumor that UC Berkeley is known for the ugliest girls. I would have to say Berkeley does have the ugliest guys too. But hey, I am not superficial!

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  1. Berkeley? i\’d figure cali would have alot of good looking people. maybe the students of the dakotas would be the one to have more of mr.potato head faces (not to offend any friends of yours that might go there)

  2. hehe… MSU has all the beautiful people ;X

    but yeah, i would have thought cali would have all the hotties, so to speek.

  3. cali has lots of good looking people *prances around* haha. but seriously, i remember seeing ONE hot guy at uc berkeley. the first time i went to visit you. havent seen him since then. my friend loan claims there are lots of hot white guys though *shrugh*

  4. But it\’s weird…the majority of people in Berkeley have never had a relationship. Then again, when you\’re attending one of the most prestigous universities in the world…who has the time to chase? But I think we have a lot of time to mope. :p

  5. hmm if ur lookin 4 azn peeps come up to vancouver canada….losta azns here…damn in my city we gotz at least 52 azn shoppin centers….^_^

  6. Hey, I live in Vancouver, Canada! Erm, hot asians? Who knows :P

    So what did you think Jenn while you were up here? :P

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