Oh my poor sissy! She just decided to go to the emergency room for her inflamed eye. How painful! :( Mostly because she didn\’t want to wait for an appointment which would have been tomorrow at 5-6 pm. Poor lady!

As humans, it\’s impossible to go through life without getting sick. Our immune system is tough, but not tough against all forces of Mother Nature. And that itself worries me. All these ailments plague my family history. In particular, breast cancer. My grandmother is going into surgery tomorrow just for that. And my step-grandmother (despite not being blood related) has gotten cancer…for the 3rd time. Should I be glad that medicine has improved so dramatically? Or should I be glad that we will all live longer despite pain and agony…and a dependence on a daily handful of pills?

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  1. It\’s all because Survival of the Fittest no longer applies to our species. We\’d be super human by now if people would die for the dumb mistakes they make.

  2. The thing I\’ve learned from hearing about other people\’s injury and ailments is the importance of prevention. In the case of cancer, the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and getting early checkups. Not that I follow my own advice, but I should =)

  3. My seasonal ailments include:
    1. puffie eye
    2. allergies
    3. mosquito bites
    And these are always the extreme! I always have to go to the clinic to get myself fixed. :(

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