For the first time ever, I was on a DELAYED flight on southwest. But unlike my experiences on America West and other airlines, the flight attendants kept us entertained. They made jokes about the entire thing. One attendant said outloud, \”Anybody who can guess why we are delayed gets a free drink.\” Meaning a cocktail. One guy said outloud, \”You\’re waiting for a flight attendant!\” And that was true!

In fact, we were delayed because a previous plane took very long to takeoff and blocked the gate for 30 minutes. Then the flight attendant apparently came from another plane and we had to wait.

So instead arriving at 8:25 pm, I arrived more than an hour later. My poor sissy almost got a parking ticket because she didn\’t want to waste gas by circling. Pat lady!

so now, I am sitting on the floor of my sister\’s room. Things about San Diego always amaze me. NICE APARTMENTS. A single room for less than $600! And everyone drives. And boba! Even though it\’s probably my fifth time to UCSD, all these little things.

Thanks to my sissy Doreen\’s bf who gave recently gave her season one of Sex and the City. Then suddenly (after downloading all of season six) she had an epihany to my question of platonic relationships. \”What does a friendship really mean between a guy and a girl? Does it mean you are led on or leaned on?\”

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  1. hehe.. my flight was delayed when i was flying back from hawaii, but i think it\’s because one of their sensors weren\’t working for some reason.

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