It\’s getting to a point where I wonder why I go to bars…when I don\’t drink. Isn\’t this too ironic? Why go to a bar if I don\’t intend to drink at all?

A lot of the time, I want to hide the fact that I am not having alcohol. I don\’t really want my housemate advertising this fact. Just to alleviate the pressure. It\’s embarassing, yet am I not supposed to be proud of the fact that I don\’t drink at all? Isn\’t it like being like a vegetarian? People respect those who choose not to eat meat. But I don\’t get the same respect sometimes.

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  1. Ridiculous my friend. Don\’t feel weird for not drinking. I don\’t either, and I\’m the one who doesn\’t have to worry about messing up or acting like a fool while drunk. Although chocolate can do the same for me, but I just can\’t resist it.

  2. designated drivers are cool. it\’s hard to find people who put up with drunk people and are still willing to drive them home. i wish i would have known you in college =)

  3. Situations like this are good to tell who really cares about you vs otherwise. Besides, you have to deal with other pressure all the time, how is this any different?

  4. i didn\’t drink yesterday either. ahaha. I also was dd and had to take care of my VERY drunk friend…aka sex kitten. (i got the same feedback from this guy dressed as a mexican. he demanded to know why I the pirate was not drinking..since pirates are notoriously known for getting drunk off rum). I huffed away when he kept hassling with me.

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