I am leaving for San Diego again in approximately 7 hours. A layover through Atlanta, then a long flight with Delta (and crappy airline meal) to San Diego. For Thanksgiving.

But wait, jenn your family is in san diego?

No. My sister is there. [being my usual mundane response.] My family doesn\’t really do Thanksgiving. For the last 4 years (except last year), it ends up being my dad and me eating a drumstick of a turkey just so that we recognize the national holiday. My sister stays at school. My mom works (holiday pay) as a nurse. As a result, I have always been slightly envious of the \”American\” families where everyone gathers together to have turkey…eat, drink and be happy. I have always wanted a big family, many cousins, many aunts and uncles. But my extended family lives in the midwest with their side of the family. My grandparents…I have a huge language barrier. And we meander to the closest chinese restaurant to \”celebrate\” any event every other weekend. With bowls of rice and braised pork. There\’s no thanks. There\’s only the every day chatter of how insurance rates are going up and how my grandmother needs me to fix her computer. Again.

But perhaps, in the end, it\’s not that depressing. We are still a family. I am not staying in Pittsburgh to dawdle over my own leg of turkey. I am flying to the opposite corner of the United States to be with my sister. :D And I will sleep on the futon in the living room. Admist her roommates circling around me…going to the kitchen. I will be in California sunshine and escape the Pittsburgh cold. And I will get up at 6 am on Friday morning to stand outside of Frys.

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  1. Happy thanxgiving! Good thing 6am in California is 9am in Pittsburg. I think you\’re ready to go for Fry\’s!!

  2. i\’d work for 1.5 times pay on holidaze! sorry. but i would! i\’d so be that nurse who works nights and holidays for pay. hm. i should really go into nursing.

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