There are very few moments in my life when I am truly stressed. Stressed to the point when I might cry. Crumbling into a ball. When I do stress, I start seeing the world so narrowly. I ignore everyone and become almost self-centered. I \”shut\” everything down except for the things I am most worried about and pour my energy into them.

When studying tests, I always have notes with me. Whether or not I will actually absorb anything from them, I will look at them during any free time I have. On the bus, while walking (did this in Berkeley while it was raining), while talking to someone (I have excellent multitasking abilities)…

Today was one of those days where my greatest wish was just to have more time.

But I always find time to blog. Also, I just paid 10k for my next semester\’s tuition out of my own shrinking checking account. Ouch.

Muse is so good.

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