DONE. I am done. With my first semester of the masters program. One year ago, I wouldn\’t think I would be here. I wouldn\’t have thought that I would have made friends with the people I have.

But in sum, this semester I:

  • went to more bars than I can count on my two hands
  • but I never took a sip
  • am still a non-drinker
  • yet I have dealed with too many whyaren\’tyoudrinking questions
  • went to more parties than I ever did in undergrad
  • used Verizon for the first time and never worried about my minutes
  • because EVERYONE uses it and there\’s unlimited mobile to mobile
  • took the bus every day, something I had sworn against doing in Berkeley…
  • went to free food events every week, developed a nose for free food, and shamelessness when walking into anything even though I know I don\’t belong
  • developed some anti-undergrad feeling
  • AM one of the youngest in my program!
  • became good friends with one CHRIS and dropped the other one
  • I still know too many Chrises
  • lost my id once
  • experienced my first snowfall
  • saw Jimmy Eat World for the second time!
  • and Taking Back Sunday!
  • all while I had a 100 degree fever!
  • got a locker which I just used to stash all my food supplies
  • ate too much pizza – free, of course
  • experienced a chocolate fountain
  • talked too much, gossiped too much, smiled too much, laughed too much
  • learned how to pack my first snowball
  • attended a Kerry rally and actually voted for the first time in a presidential election
  • flew to San Diego for Thanksgiving
  • started to dislike flying
  • had 10+ hour meetings for group homeworks
  • started to use the word awesome
  • maxed out my AIM buddy list every week
  • become very pro-Apple
  • lived in a world where (almost) everyone had a Mac and learned to look down on PC users
  • got along with people 4 years older than me!
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    1. Yay! And yay for going to free food events. Tsk Tsk, Jenn is becoming a party girl!
      Hehe concerning undergrads, I actually hung out with 3 sophomores (not my students) a few days after exams. It was cool =)

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