What is Christmas? Why do we celebrate it when its roots are Christian? At heart, it\’s a way of spreading joy to the world. But the major question is why do we need a holiday for this very purpose?

And to send text msgs to all cellphones. To spit ims to people you rarely talk to (but you\’re on good terms with). A short msg of xmas joy. These are quick exchanges of greetings, but no more than that.

Yesterday I toyed with the idea of amending my \”burned bridges\”. A way to spread \”Christmas\” spirit. Easy enough to plan, right? But as I thought about it, as I thought of actually doing it…I don\’t know if it\’s quite a gift. To rescind words that I always hold to be true. Or perhaps to offer an apology is the best gift that anybody can receive.

Still watching too many dvds. :) Have been seeing a lot of people that I haven\’t seen for months and years. Today I saw someone I will see too often in Pittsburgh. *cough*

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