I went to Vegas and I got was…a stomach flu. :( But I am back!

So things that went down:

  • sat through a 12+ hour car ride to Vegas – we got caught in a heavy rainstrom on the 58 where the heavy winds tore open a trailer leaving debris all over the road and closing down the ONLY freeway for 4 hours
  • ate a monstrous buffet at mgm
  • but kept my sister\’s friend\’s quote in mind girls don\’t eat buffets
  • saw Steve Wyrick perform magic at Aladdin – he sort of made fun of a guy that didn\’t drink and a woman volunteer who couldn\’t speak English – I winced through both acts
  • walked through almost every hotel on the Strip – it really seems like I have been to Vegas many times (in reality, only 4) because I feel like I have seen everything
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