Miss a connection? This is an example of why the Internet is such a great medium.

I saw a talk put on by an Apple software engineer of Final Cut Pro. Despite the fact that I fell asleep halfway through, I loved every part. And just like anything that is so promotional (the presenter used everything that was Apple) and marketed, I felt like I really wanted to work for Apple after I finish here. I want to create and design interfaces that market niche. The people who want to be unique and different–the ones who love rounded corners and the bright glow of the Apple sign.

What impressed me the most was that despite the fact that he was an engineer, he appreciated the meaning of the users. I have many friends who ignore the total user experience, rather designing a piece of software around what it could do rather than what someone could do with it.

And this awesome video with apple products flying everywhere. So great. I think I might buy a mac mini now. Ok maybe a mini ipod…

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