The sun was out today. And all I wanted to do was smile.

In other news, AIM died for at least 30 minutes today. Not that I was in a frantic mood, I am not as much as a AIMoholic as I used to be. But it was interesting when I signed back on, that only the computer \”whores\” were the only ones online. Everyone else was kicked off. So before I couldn\’t sign on anymore, I was annoyed at how my buddy list extended past my screen (because I am obsessive compulsive and can\’t delete anyone), but now it\’s at a perfect size…

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  1. The sun was out in Berkeley today as well. Quite an excellent day to visit. I bought one of my favorite lunches and ate at one of my favorite spots under the beautiful sunlight. I should blog about that now :)

  2. I was surprised when that happened too. When I finally got back on, I had like like four people on, and then three logged on from their cell phones.

  3. I was chatting with someone when that happened. I thought it was my connection at first (it\’s spotty at times), but realized it wasn\’t when I could still surf. So did other stuff and signed back on when I realized the server was back (thanks to ICQ).

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