\”Drunk as a skunk!\” my aunt giggled when we got to the reception as she ogled the open bar. It was held at a country club. The tables were arranged by family as expected. All the \”girls\” in my family were sat together–my sister, my cousin, my second cousin and me. My older cousin taught me the meaning of each dish–a mango sorbet to cleanse the palate. My youngest cousin took coffee with her wedding cake. The newlyweds were forced to kiss each time people tapped their glasses. The bride\’s side of the family kept doing line dancing on the dance floor–the grapevine, the BootScoot, the cha-cha and the Macarenal. Even to Nelly. My sister wasn\’t afraid of dancing, even if the dance floor was empty. Someone stepped on my right foot with her heel but she didn\’t notice. All the \”adults\” in the family were afraid to dance, except for my parents. My dad told me that he was pretty much the only one among his five siblings ready to try new things. My uncle looked scared when I suggested using the stairs in the hotel rather than the elevator, because there could be someone lurking in the corner. We got too much candy.

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  1. Coffee is soooo good tho. And so is candy.. hee hee. Tis fun times…all the adults dancing… hahahaaha.

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