It\’s a man with a monitor on his back! One of my favorite photos that I took last summer in Berkeley. There are always two questions when you see that photo.
1. Where did he find the monitor?
2. How did he get the monitor on his back like that?!

After more than 2 years of this layout, I finally changed it to an easy-on-the-eyes layout. No more webcam (because I don\’t have one anymore). No more moments (although now I am trying to think of a way to share my music fascination – one song at a time). Now perhaps I can find incentive to start my layout for my portfolio.

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  1. YES, finally CLEAN. I used to change my layout once a year, but I have slacked for the last two years. I got to admit, this is the first layout that is probaby clean and smooth (since before i always wanted to show off how bad my design skills were…)

  2. The guy in the photo reminds me of a homeless guy we had here on campus. He was really cool, and I always tried to help him out by giving him bags of my empty soda cans (cans were his thing).

    He died a couple years ago due to the cold. :(

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