Yesterday, I wanted to map multiple addresses on one map. As a result, I discovered the google map api and basically have been fascinated. And wasting a lot of time.

I made my ice cream tour page of the ice cream places I want to visit before I leave Pittsburgh. I spent an hour debugging when it turns out that I accidentally put a backslash after quotes rather than before quotes. If I was this dedicated and involved with work, I could really go great lengths. I could be a programmer. But my attempts at programming have always become disastrous. I am innately impatient and will wreck my code haphazardly if something is not working. I will insert alert messages all over the place, make temporary markers. Essentially bad programming in moments of stress. I usually always achieve the goal, but afterwards I am often unable to extend or update the code.

But back to google maps. One of the annoying things is that it requires a lat, lon for a point on the map rather than street addresses. Yet, there is so much potential for this. Much of what has been done is listed at the google maps blog. I absolutely loved the Nuke Your Ex google map (where you can nuke someone metaphorically on the map). And how can anybody forget the first of the google map hacks – the the craigslist/maps mashup that presents the location of available rent/for sale apts/houses. A pedometer, a hurricane tracker

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