When randomly surfing upon a blog on someone you know, do you tell him or her?

If someone told me that they found my blog, I would feel impressed and extremely proud. Yet, for others, I know it\’s an invasion of privacy. For some people, this becomes an issue of keeping offline relationships and online relationships separate. After nearly six years of successes and failures, I finally reached a relatively stable censorship. I try to stop myself from talking about people. I talk about myself and my observations. I try to say what I would have told everyone. Yet, I would like to know who reads.

For the longest time, I didn\’t know that my roommate in Berkeley read my blog. I had once posted the url in my aim profile, but removed it one month later. Then one day, as I was dropping off something at her desk, I saw my page open on her computer. I was surprised. I had written a little bit about our disagreements. Later, I did confront her about it…and from that, I learned to keep heated things offline.

But since someone inspired me to search for her blog (which I still haven\’t found), these are some blogs I found in the process. Particularly, the professor I have been working for the last two years.

But for all purposes, I must keep this in mind.

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