Randomly and almost spontaneously, I had gone to a concert (alone) at the Middle East nightclub more than a month ago when I was in Boston visiting Karen. To my surprise, the last act Parker House and Theory was one of the best bands I had ever seen. It wasn\’t that they had good music, but the members of the band had a really good vibe going on. And furthermore, they had many of their die-hard fans in the audience, which made it more fantastic.

But now a month later, I have discovered that Colin of the band saw my photo album! Saw the picture I took as I waved my camera wildly over heads. And it\’s surprising because it just came one day after I had put in robots.txt in to block any unwanted robots. But the moment I discovered I got a comment, I nearly um…died! It was just that…world-shaking that someone of a group so popular, so great…would leave a comment in a fan\’s photo album. That\’s how popular acts should really be like…

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  1. yeah, the fans really do make the band… as long as it\’s not a boy band. hahah. Wow, that\’s crazy he saw your photo album… you must be pretty popular. :)

  2. hey, I just found this blog and thought it was pretty cool. You should hit up the show at avalon this month if you can, we\’ve come a long way since middle east- peace!

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