A few moments from yesterday\’s famed Halloween party:

  • successfully convincing Ray to go despite a lack of a costume
  • finally getting to yank the hair of someone we had all abhored throughout the summer
  • bCrowe bothering me about not drinking again. and again. and again.
  • Terleski, Jack, Ben, Sam et. al taking (drunken) bites out of the bagel belt
  • Hamburgler and Ronald McDonald fighting it out in the food room
  • meeting the Robotics boyz
  • How does this compare with that of last year in the same apartment?

    One thing I learned is that I probably will never wear a Halloween costume that is meant for the purposes of \”hooking up\”. I don\’t do \”sexy\” witches, cats, or schoolgirls. Every year it\’s fun to look incredibly messy and dishelved. Unlike the quote from Mean Girls, Halloween is the one night a year that I can dress as a mess and nobody else can say anything about it. Woohoo!




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    1. Wooo, parrrteh! :D

      I haven\’t done anything for halloween since…since…hmm. Well, I suppose this year won\’t be too out of the ordinary. :D Haha.

      Have a happy happy one!!

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