My originality has been in the decline lately. So when I came across, I was inspired to make my own of…, since my life often revolves around the number three (ever seen me buy apples or tomatoes? ever seen me take a scoop of anything? ever seen me choose a row to sit in? usually in multiples of three.)

Then I realized that was totally unoriginal. is a collection of 5 items. Every single entry, at its core funny and true. And most likely very relevant the people in Merlin\’s life. And obviously, he stole it from Letterman. Right?

Three Ways I Waste Time Every Day

  1. staring at myself in the mirror
  2. clicking on itunes and playing the same song over and over again even though I have it on shuffle
  3. Facebook

Three Reasons to be in the CMU Mhci program

  1. Go to CHI. For Free. Almost.
  2. Think-aloud videos in Methods. I guarantee it.
  3. Because it\’s CMU, duh! And you get to work with all these wonderful people!

Three People That I Can Leech For a Ride Because I Don\’t Own a Car in Pittsburgh

  1. Ray
  2. Sam
  3. Andy

I feel like someone is missing for some reason…

Three Careers That I Was Seriously Thinking of Pursuing At One Point In My Life In College

  1. flight attendant
  2. meter maid
  3. bum sucking money out of my parent\’s pockets

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