Over dinner, suddenly my grandmother asked me, \”Are you going to bring a boyfriend home one of these days? From over there?\”

One of those questions that I should expect to come one day. My parents refrain from asking those questions because they didn\’t get married until they were 30 and believe I shouldn\’t either.

I began searching for the Chinese words in my head for what I wanted to say and eventually blurted out in broken chinese, \”I don\’t need boyfriend! Have friends! I have many friends! Men…\”

My sister interjected, \”Men! So much nonsense!\”

My father overhearing the conversation, perked up and said, \”What she is saying is that they have many friends, but they just happen to be male. Not a boyfriend.\”

I confirmed, \”Yes! Friends! Better! Happy!\”

My grandmother got it, \”Oh, are you trying to say \’problematic\’?\”

\”Yes! Men! Problematic!\”

Then when my parents weren\’t looking, my grandmother gave my sister and I each $50 as christmas presents.

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  1. Most parents always pressure the guys to bring home A girl but for the girls to wait for the right man?

    well, enjoy the break from heavy winds and face-biting cold in cali. and merry christmas!

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