Last weekend, I saw a man purse. My friend (a he) was carrying an Aeropostale navy green \”bag\”. In it, he carried his wallet, his (g5) ipod and other misc. items. It was intended as a gift for his former girlfriend, but she didn\’t want it (she had good taste, probably). He didn\’t want to waste it and started it using as a bag for his ipod. Because after all, an ipod can\’t fit into a pocket.

Right? When I sat next to him in the car, I pointed and shouted in my usual manner of excitement, \”You have a man purse!\”

Utter denial. My good friend in the front of the car squealed, \”Murse!\”

But seriously. Personally, I have never been fond of carrying bags, because it was something extra to remember. Something I couldn\’t have with me if I was say…running. Something that someone could take. Something that I had to set down if I was participating in a rigorous activity. But then came technology. Digital cameras. My ipod. My \”fat\” wallet stuffed with cash, coins, credit cards, gift cards, id cards, frequent buyer cards, library cards, exercise class cards, bart tickets. And then I of course needed a place to keep my business cards clean, so came the business card holder. Then cell phone. Then sunglasses and case. Then chapstick. Then headache medicine (you never know when stress will come). Then suddenly, the preparation of an impromptu oops-it\’s-too-late-now-to-go-home-impromptu-sleepover supplies. Oh and keys.

I might need a bigger bag. But at least I am not male. After all, I have…female issues.

In other news, I also have a tendency to not look normal in photos.

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  1. men don\’t need purses. that\’s why they invented these things called pockets.

    and if a man cannot hold all his gadgets in his pockets, he shall be shunned upon by his peers, for he has proven his toys to be unleet, as the masses uphold that all that is leet is small.

  2. Hey, man purses are fan-tas-tic. My roommate Vince had a man bag for all of college that he would carry with him to classes (carry notebooks, pens, as well as phone, iPod, wallet), movies (carry sodas and snacks as well as the usuals), or everywhere else.

    You may laugh, but he was always prepared for unique circumstances. Plus he wasn\’t phased by the rebukes from his friends about carrying a purse. Even his dad! Whenever he left his house, his dad would always say, \”Vince! Don\’t forget your purse!\” That\’s fatherly love for you.

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